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Every element of the OpenWells identity has been crafted to convey a simple, powerful message: depth, innovation and value. Our logo is a wordmark that neatly links ‘open’ with ‘wells’, with the ‘open’ encased in an elliptical halo featuring both a vertical colour transition, and 7 randomly pre-arranged bubbles of various sizes ultimately opening beyond the halo in the biggest bubble. Our primary colours are mulberry and deep blue, conveying our commitment to reliability and unique differentiated experience. The entire logo arrangement underscores our pay-off line “Beyond Imagination”, which itself is encased in a colour band that stretches almost infinitely. The logo typeface, Futura, with its strict geometric outline, encapsulates the fundamental brand characteristics – unconventional, precise, and devoid of embellishments. Futura is unique in that it is the only typeface granted copyright as an original work of art. It communicates the dynamism and the eagerness of our associates to serve our patrons.

The name OpenWells connotes a fountain or resource that replenishes itself and others in an unending rhythm. This reflects our understanding of the purpose in man’s creation to replenish the earth. The O and W are capitalized because each of the two words conveys tremendous Opportunity to Win.


Bunmi Oni had a 29-year career in a global Corporate Organisation, where he held various executive and leadership roles both within the organisation and in the wider business community. A strong proponent of public-private sector partnership, he was for four years Chairman of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group Ltd Gte, a private sector think- tank involved in policy advocacy, economic research and education, where he led various initiatives that helped facilitate the economic reform process in Nigeria. Bunmi has been a regular invited speaker at national and international platforms, and was awarded the National Honour of Member of the Order of the Niger in 2001


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