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There are four key components of the OpenWells Initiative:



OpenWells Educational Entertainment
OpenWells Consulting
OpenWells Connect
       OpenWells Ministries





OpenWells Educational Entertainment




An integrated out-of-home entertainment facility with an educational slant Deploy appropriate franchise to create a platform that provides education and information in an entertaining environment. This will be the key platform for implementing the educational and enlightenment agenda of the corporation, and the means of engaging with youths- empowering them to compete in their generation.The elements of this track are: QUEST Centre (Qualitative & Unique Experience of Science and Technology). Marathon Communications: publications, documentation centre. Multimedia facility bringing world class educational material and documentaries that can complement school curriculum and serve as effective field trip experience, while providing excellent family entertainment.

Goshen Bowling: This world-class purely recreational members-only facility will provide out-of-home entertainment and fun for families



OpenWells Consulting


Business consulting in which we partner with organizations to help build their business models, support their change initiatives and facilitate long term business planning. The key focus areas are:

    • Outsourcing
      • Beyond the hype, what does outsourcing really deliver and how can it be employed to enhance strategy and performance
    • Leadership Development
      • We are born leaders but must become leaders. The task of leaders is to create other leaders, not good followers. How does an organization grow its leaders?
    • Strategy
      • Strategic thinking, as opposed to tactics, is not necessarily a straight line. What are the characteristics of a functional strategy?
    • Governance
      • How do, or should Boards work for effectiveness? How does power play in the boardroom
    • Environment
      • Global warming, climate change – who’s responsible and what are we accountable for? Little things matter – and every day
      • Youths contending for their own future and that of their children

    A sub-component of this is “Time Out” R, a service specifically designed for executives in mid life. ‘Time out’ addresses that season of life when senior executives in mid to late career desire an opportunity to look back at what they have accomplished and learned, understand who they really are and connect with their inner values. This exercise provides opportunity to then redirect their time and talent for an even more purposeful second half of career, or life.

      • (a membership site) will feature writings from many individuals to share their personal stories and support executives in finding meaning. The e-BLOG will feature contributions from around the world. Time Out associates will receive support materials and personal counseling if desired
      • “Time Out” seminar series will provide the platform for mid career executives to prepare for retirement, and organize their personal finances to support a consistent quality of life


OpenWells Connect


Offers training in coaching and negotiating skills, and services in Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms for both commercial organizations and individuals or groups. A lot of energy and time is spent on adversarial litigation, especially in organizations, to settle commercial disputes that could be more effectively resolved through non-threatening negotiation, conciliation or mediation. The Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse, an initiative of the Lagos State of Nigeria Judiciary, provides excellent opportunity to expand the use of ADR mechanisms. Indeed many companies already prescribe mediation or conciliation as first step in commercial dispute resolution. At the individual or group levels, marriage relationships can be preserved and communal disputes amicably resolved through one-on-one counseling and group conciliation.



OpenWells Ministries




A not-for-profit support to the Church and Para-Church Ministries for:* Building leadership capability and governance systems* Facilitating the ‘Jerusalem Council’ model* Accreditation services in Stewardship & Accountability processes* Marriage and family counseling In addition it is an outreach platform to accomplished persons. A quarterly OpenWells Roundtable: is an informal gathering to explore practical steps for Christian leaders to fulfill their roles in society, and define the responsibility of the elite.

* Quips and Quotes – short writings to encourage literary arts, public speaking competencies, etc


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