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The mission of OpenWells Limited is to conduct initiatives, and nurture multi-dimensional partnerships, in pursuit of the higher goal of building the good society through shared inward living principles.

Our Mission Statement recognizes that the achievement of the goal of the good society can only be founded on partnerships among people and entities that commit to shared principles or accommodate divergent views in the context of the common goal. We also accept that our involvement in any assignment is premised on our commitment to facilitate this process.

The overriding objective in each initiative is to secure a platform for positive influence and create the space for personal and collective growth. The platforms will always have an education dimension as a lever for promoting the quest for knowledge, a drive for personal development and purpose, as well as life-long learning. An important underlying consideration is to promote work-life balance. The vision is to create an organization that engages with critical segments of society in the quest for meaning and self-actualization.













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Developing countries, like Nigeria , suffer a significant disadvantage in many areas, but human capital development is at the heart of the drawback to development. The comprehensive development of the people has not been a part of the national development model in an integrative sense, and it is little wonder that re-building the economies has been more difficult than it should be. With a large population and such low productivity, reform could take longer than expected. OpenWells engagement will always focus on the development of the person, especially those areas that make for wholeness and competitiveness in an increasingly competitive world. The world has also become considerably dematerialized, and the distinguishing edge is the human capital.



The services we provide are extremely unique and are addressed at the heart of the development of the person, without the perceived pressure of the traditional learning environment. A considerable emphasis is placed on what an enlightened mind must grapple with in today’s world, while staying true to their inner compass. Many factors contribute to the trends away from tested standards in the developing economies:

  1. Youths and adults alike are disadvantaged in science and technology. An S & T orientation is not just being “computer literate”. There has to be a quest to know, to experiment, to create, to understand the science of natural phenomena and everyday occurrences. Such constraints limit career choice
  2. National identity and patriotism are low for reasons including gaps in knowledge of national history and national ethos.
  3. Education in its broad sense needs to have strong emphasis on both cognitive and social skills, one complementing the other. Education has tended to concentrate only on the three Rs, without the complementing skills.
  4. Out-of-home entertainment is not only limited, but industry lacks innovation and offers no education content
  5. Young businesses and entrepreneurs need support to develop their business model, craft an effective long-term strategy, and grow their leadership capability
  6. The common dispute resolution methods employ adversarial litigation, which often consumes resources, generates acrimony, and often, everyone loses. Increasingly, businesses must adopt Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms and best practice firms build appropriate clauses into commercial agreements and contracts, stipulating that disputes go to litigation only after negotiation, mediation and conciliation have failed

These are gaps that OpenWells comes to fill, one space at a time, with the sole objective of turning current disadvantage into opportunity.


We are a start-up company (2007) and primarily held as a family business. We do not report performance externally and are therefore not under any pressure for quarterly profits. This means we can invest behind the brand for the long term, while offering great service at competitive prices. We have big dreams and are determined to pursue our purpose and mission without wavering.

Our management team is small enough to respond quickly to, and partner with customers; and big enough to provide international standards in service and support.


We are a duly registered company in, and subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to conduct business and offer services in the areas we have specified. We are neither diploma awarding organization, nor do we have affiliations with Universities or other formal institutions. We will in future explore opportunities for registration in other countries.




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